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"Partners work together to solve problems – YY rabbit leadership education picture book" – Sohu maternal should not only learn to solve problems, but also learn the methods to solve the problems; not only learn how to solve their own problems, but also learn to unite partners together to solve problems. The system of leadership education children picture books. Editor of "leadership only appeared in some children, is born, I do not have children"; "I don’t want to let my children when the leadership, do not need to develop leadership"; "leadership is houheixue, will let the children learn early power and snobbish"…… Although the children’s leadership is a kindergarten, primary school to popularize the important educational content in Europe and the United States, but in China it is still a relatively new concept, whether parents or teachers, understanding and above misunderstandings about leadership. At the same time, many parents worry that their children are often timid, introverted, easy to follow the crowd, follow the other children. They want their children to be independent, creative and independent. As everyone knows, leadership training is the best way to solve these problems. In fact, whether it is an outgoing and lively children, or shy shy children, everyone has the potential for leadership, everyone needs leadership in life. Leadership is a kind of personality influence, the ability to make yourself and the world around you better. It is the first effective self leadership, the second is to influence others, with the team to solve problems and achieve goals. For kindergarten and school children, the goal is often the result of individual efforts, such as academic achievement, talent, etc.. Therefore, leadership is easily overlooked by parents and teachers. But the adult world will be very different, in various fields of increasingly fierce competition, a lot of things is no longer rely on their own power to complete, good leaders need to successfully from the "I" and "we used to turn". In the adult world, often can see, when the smart kids will rely too heavily on their own personal ability, ignoring teamwork; smart people usually lack of patience to others, lack of tolerance. These will affect the achievement of objectives. And this is the lack of leadership performance. Quality of leadership includes intelligence, emotional intelligence, confidence, persistence, imagination and so on, a few children will show more of these traits in the early stage, but more research shows that leadership and skills can be full of inspiration and guidance, training and training in early childhood. Leadership training is very effective in enhancing children’s self-confidence and cultivating their independence and initiative. The Bing Xin prize for literature, Xinyi Picture Book Award, Taiwan children’s literature award first prize winner of reed, multiple sets of "crooked Rabbit Series" star Dangdang children’s book author Chen Mengmin, the famous writer of children’s literature for creation, the best-selling book "passing from your world" illustration of Ma Penghao lasted a year and a half elaborate illustration. Content recommendation not only to learn to solve the problem, but also learn how to solve the problem, not only to learn how to solve their own problems, but also learn to unite partners to solve the problem. This set of picture books through 10 wonderful stories, set up the task of the 10:相关的主题文章:

General aviation is not open, the first p-750 aircraft to Beiqi line auto – Sohu

General aviation is not open, the first P-750 aircraft to Beiqi line auto – Sohu |AutoR intellectual drive Li Mingyang brand always want to make some big news, BYD for the light rail on the day, Li Shufu open conference in Berlin in germany. Today (October 21st) the BAIC group’s entity platform of Beijing General Aviation Company Limited’s first Pan Pacific Air Navigation (Beijing’s Beijing Pan Pacific Aviation Technology Co. Ltd. is the exclusive domestic manufacturer of aircraft P-750. Beijing Pan Pacific Aviation Technology Limited company is by Beijing General Aviation Company Limited and New Zealand Pacific Aerospace Limited joint venture) the P-750 aircraft assembly line. * Beiqi group party secretary, chairman Xu Heyi Beiqi group party secretary, chairman Xu Heyi said, "last year, we completed the aircraft assembly, the paint, professional plant construction and production preparation, forming an annual output of 70 P750 aircraft production capacity, and we first went to study in New Zealand trained engineers have come back, time ready for production." Beijing navigation was incorporated in 2011, officially started in Jiangsu in October 28, 2015 to set up in. The project covers an area of 160 acres, with a total construction area of 46320 square meters, the largest airspace approved area of about 1720 square kilometers, the maximum flight altitude of 3000 meters, in order to manufacture P750 aircraft based. P750 is a multi – purpose multi – purpose 10 – wing fixed wing aircraft with the characteristics of ultra short takeoff and landing, ground reverse propeller and flexible operation. *P750 P750 is equipped with a large horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 engine, propeller provided by Hartzell company. It is worth noting that the models can be installed at the bottom of the fuselage with the baggage pod, used to transport more goods. P-750 is the same level of aircraft take-off and landing capacity, the highest load capacity of a plane, in the realization of the use of a single high cost. P750 aircraft airworthiness qualification has made the United States and Europe and other more than and 20 countries and regions, mainly used in the fields of passenger and freight, sightseeing, parachuting, aerial photography, aerial survey, aviation remote sensing, "air lux" said. The Secretary of the Party committee, Beijing General Aviation Company Limited General Manager Ling Zhuanghuai said, "the project officially started in October 2015, less than a year’s time, the completion of the professional workshop, painting machine, aircraft assembly line, assembly production and ushered in the first P750 aircraft, a new air velocity." * re installed production line pictures from BGAC’s first P750 aircraft not only for BAIC itself plays an important role, but also led to the economic development of Changzhou. Jiangsu Province, Changzhou city party secretary Yan Li said, "Beijing Changzhou navigation base (a) and the completion of the Pan Pacific Airlines first P750 aircraft assembly line, is not only an important milepost of career development of Beijing Automotive Group, is also the city of Changzhou, Changzhou national high tech Zone further accelerate the production of R相关的主题文章:

Mother network Zhuchaoyinfeng to build Southern China’s most popular baby show cagliari exchange

Mother network Zhuchaoyinfeng to build Southern China’s most popular children’s show in mid November 2016, mother network will join the Guangdong province baby Association held "mother network Southern China children’s festival and the eighth Guangzhou baby clothing exhibition, to create Southern China region’s most popular baby brand event. And this is also the mother of the network as the leading maternal and child Internet platform, once again upgrade localized services and marketing model, to achieve online + offline resources to get through a major initiative. With the accession to the mother network, the exhibition site will show + experience + interaction and other ways to inject more innovative elements for the activities, so that consumers more intuitive access to information in order to make consumer decisions. Secondly, mother network will also combine through the variety of the whole platform resources coverage "and" city WeChat matrix "and other marketing methods, the whole cross platform campaign, directional coverage of the target population over 20 million, and push timely and fast activity information to target users within the region through precision marketing resources. Brand exhibitors will also be the mother network popularity on the platform of accurate exposure, and business promotion activities will also be promoted for the user experience, at the same time, mother network comment, mother parent-child family travel and other network platform will also link the publicity, continuous exposure of brands offers information in this exhibition. Education and training, parent-child photography, maternal and child services, confinement, Home Furnishing dozens of industry chain end branch, will become the highlight of this exhibition. The mother Southern China baby Festival has launched a comprehensive investment cooperation, with the intention of brands can be the mother waiting to join the industry’s top "Carnival feast", on the "Guangzhou mother nets" WeChat can further understand.相关的主题文章:

Senior officials in Hongkong the rise of trade protectionism Hongkong is particularly importa

Hongkong officials: to deal with the trade protectionism of Hongkong   especially important — Hong Kong — Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that the Hongkong SAR financial secretary Ceng Junhua 11, said in the online posting, recently attended the G20 summit, many leaders reflect protectionism rising trend in the world, concern facing the impact of the multilateral trading system. He stressed that this issue is particularly important for Hongkong, because Hongkong is a small economy outward, and to defend free trade, and the concerted parties are determined. He believes that only in a stable, open, free flow of capital and talent in the world, Hongkong can give full play to its advantages. Ceng Junhua pointed out that many people expect major economies can put forward practical measures to solve the plight of the economic downturn. Eight years ago, the global economy is still a lack of good enough to Chen, but the European sovereign debt crisis, terrorism and refugee issues, such as the size of the crisis has emerged, dragging down the recovery process. "I believe that only in a stable, open and free flow of capital and talent in the world, we can give full play to the advantages of Hongkong; and it is only in a free and open economy environment, the global economy can really recover, and allow countries to take measures to make different ranks of the society can share the fruits of economic development." In addition, the director of the Hongkong SAR commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang 11, said, "either Spain or Peru, they attach great importance to Hongkong as the" super contact "role, especially in the" The Belt and Road ‘, to help these countries through Hongkong, the development of a road along the country in "area"." He also said that local people agree with Hongkong’s business environment and practices, and the image of Hongkong in the international market is very good. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章:

Explore the ancient Qiang culture, the original Yu from Beichuan Tourism – Sohu crycry

Explore the ancient Qiang culture, the original Yu from Beichuan tourism Sohu while that was a pain in the past, people are industrious and Qiang over the years with both hands to record a new Beichuan. The cliff on the ancient Qiang people are still so hospitable, the birth of Da Yu, is a suitable place to write a book, I leave the Zhuhai know with my old man is the king of the fire. Life can be sad, there will always be a rainbow in the days ahead. Year after year, I feel the call, the dream of the future memory, you and I together fly. Let the flame never go, let it all stay in the past. Enter a door. The ancient Qiang: Qiang ancestors in sheepshead sheep worship in the process of gradually injected sheep will be unique to human blood and kinship concept, sheep began to show its never too sacred, sheep with the Qiang people tribal group’s own source of legend, the production activities and people’s social organization and system development it has become a symbol of the Qiang people, sheep clan and symbols, and then evolved into a unique period of the worship of totem worship — sheep stage. One of the landmarks is the new Beichuan sheep. Beichuan Qiang Folk Museum covers an area of 13 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of 5400 square meters, by the Macao foundation built a $one hundred million, equivalent to 85 million 880 thousand yuan. The museum to Beichuan as the main line, the future will cover the entire Qiang culture. The museum is divided into three layers, the first floor for the temporary exhibition area, mainly for the display of other museums to exchange exhibits, last year, the new year in Beichuan, Canada, the original people sent to the totem poles on the deposit in this. The two floor is the historical exhibition area. The third floor is a social and cultural exhibition area. The main display of Qiang Folk practice activities, also shows from Qinghai Gansu South Qiang migrated to the historical process of Beichuan. This is a record of the history of the literature, I looked carefully for a long time but always feel that the ancients are too complex. There is a sense of not understand! But this is the literature left by ancestors, it is worth studying. Through the historical changes, the Qiang people helped the red army fought victory in the battle of the long march. One side of the wall and the fallen soldiers. Let me take a deep bow before them. Suddenly back thousands of years ago, I was sent to the ancient Qiang, a kindly old man sitting in front of the fire at me. She did not say what to me, just motioned me to sit down in front of the fire. The old man poured a cup of hot soup for me. I looked around at the wooden house. Simple but full of warm home. The articles of the ancient Qiang nationality. In the narrator’s words, these things have been in the history of the development of the river. The mood is extremely sad! I looked up at the octagonal tower of ancient wine. In Qiang language, the more that the old tower angle position is higher in the Qiang position. And I have been to a lot of people are not the same, but here is the higher the status of the elderly but the more kind. And I together learn Qiang language, follow the Fuyuan tones and vowels. Learn the most floating quasi Qiang language. I’ve been learning for a long time.相关的主题文章: